Foundation "Vaqf" has built a new house for sisters with disabilities

Among the people in need of social assistance who applied to the Fund “Vaqf”, the majority are people with disabilities. The appeal of one of the citizens who applied to the Fund, made everyone think.

Citizen Rahimov Zokirjon, who lives in the village of Mirzatup of the Chirakchi district of Kashkadarya region, is a lone breadwinner of a large family. Although he has his own children and family, he also takes care of two sisters with disabilities of the first and second groups, as well as a 96-year-old visually impaired grandmother. Rahimov Zokirjon is ready to give everything in order to make them happy and satisfied with their lives. Unfortunately, the expenses of a large family are also large. That is why the Rakhimovs had still lived in a narrow, old and damp house. At the end of last year Rahimov Zokirjon appealed to the Fund “Vaqf” for help. Taking into account his statement, the Fund allocated funds for the construction of a 3-room comfortable and bright new house for two sisters with disabilities and an elderly, visually impaired mother.

On 28 April, the head of the Foundation “Vaqf” Iskandar Khalilov together with the representative  of the Kashkadarya region visited the village Mirzatup of Chirakchi district with the aim of transferring the built house at the expense of the Fund.   

Joy in the eyes and satisfaction on the faces of mother and sisters,  pleased the audience too.

The head of the Foundation congratulated the owners of the new house and prayed for them.

On the eve of the Holy month of Ramadan, the public charity Fund “Vaqf” calls on all of you to cooperate in all the above-mentioned good deeds.

The press-service of the public charity foundation “VAQF”

1 May, 2019 Year | 467