The Fund donated material aid and clothing for 108 million soums

On April 24 the Public Charity Foundation "Vaqf" organised a large charity event at the Grand Mosque Sheikh Zayniddin in Tashkent city. The event was attended by the head of the Fund Iskandar Khalilov, Imam-khatib of the mosque and the representatives of mass media.

At the event, 108 citizens who applied for financial assistance to the Fund "Vaqf" were awarded certificates of financial assistance. Each citizen was provided with financial assistance for the restoration of health and the purchase of medicines in the amount of one million soums. Also during the event, the Fund provided material assistance in the form of clothing and 2 wheelchairs for persons with hearing and speech disabilities.

The public charity Fund "Vaqf" calls on all our compatriots to provide material and moral support to needy, helpless and sick compatriots. The Foundation guarantees transparency and openness in the transfer of your donations to people who are entitled to help. Have time to achieve the satisfaction of Allah, multiplying charity in the Holy month of Ramadan!

The press-service of the public charity foundation "VAQF"

24 April, 2019 Year | 468