Accommodation is being built by the Foundation for the family from Kashkadarya

Since the establishment of the public charity foundation "Vaqf" with the support of sponsors, numerous events have been held to provide housing for many low-income families. Houses were built for families who had suffered from various disasters and lost their breadwinners.


The next of these good deeds is being done in Kashkadarya region. The head of the Foundation Iskandar Khalilov came to Kh.Jananova`s house, which is being rebuilt with the help of sponsors, and visited a family member Sh.Berdiyev, a champion of Uzbekistan in kurash, which now became disabled due to a spinal fracture. The Foundation provided a wheelchair to Berdiyev Sh. Duas were made for him, and it was noted that people in need are supported by the Foundation and its generous sponsors. It is planned to complete the construction of this house by November 20.


We ask Allah Almighty to grant our charity sponsors huge rewards for the support they provide to people in need.


Press-service of the Public Charity Foundation "VAQF"

30 October, 2019 Year | 839